Movies That Ape Other Movies

King Kong, Planet of the Apes, Mighty Joe Young - what do these movies have in common? Apes, yes, but each has a remake (or remakes) that has "aped" an earlier version. Hollywood loves doing remakes: "Movies That Ape Other Movies." Sometimes a remake is made to take advantage of new developments in technology, making it possible to depict stories with an impact and immediacy not possible in an earlier version. Sometimes it is simply to retell tales in new ways for new generations. Sometimes a remake gets it right (e.g. Kong 2005) but all too often a remake just makes you wonder what everyone involved was thinking (e.g. Kong 1976). This exhibit showcases not only specimens of simian cinema but remakes of all species, including comedies, science fiction, and horror.

We are also featuring an exhibit of "Staff Picks," films our library staff members find particularly enjoyable. The motion pictures are represented by quotes and capsule reviews, as well as DVD cases, soundtrack album covers, and books about the films.

Read the essay that accompanies the exhibit.

Honnold Library, 2nd Floor
March 1 - April 17, 2006

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