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Check out the Libraries flickr account, which has and will continue to document library buildings and events, with particular attention given to providing visual representations for the library buildings, including all those hard to find areas that are highly trafficked.

Leave us a comment, add us as a contact, and participate in the fun that is flickr.com.

Don't count on any vampire or whitch spottings though, our camera is not that advanced. Happy Holloween!

Speaking Through Walls: Political Murals In Northern Ireland

Tony Crowley, Hartley Burr Alexander Chair, Humanities, Scripps College
Thursday, October 26th at 4:15 PM

Join us in this upcoming Claremont Discourse in the Founders Room of the Honnold/Mudd Library:

From the start of The Troubles in 1969 to the signing of the Belfast Agreement in 1998, Northern Ireland was the site of a violent conflict fought out between the British State, the Irish Republican Movement, and Loyalist Paramilitary Forces. Essentially a struggle over political and cultural identity and legitimacy, the war left over three thousand dead and tens of thousands injured in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Britain. Tony Crowley, author of Wars of Words: The Politics of Language in Ireland 1537-2004 (Oxford, 2005, winner of the ACIS Durkan Prize) will follow the development of an aesthetic aspect of this history, showing how the political murals - which began to appear at the end of the 1970s - became an important means of self-representation, self-reflection, and dialogue for the various warring parties. The presentation will include discussion of digital images of the murals (an incipient project of the Claremont Colleges Digital Library) as a way of exploring how the paintings served not simply to express political viewpoints but to create physical and conceptual spaces.

Book Sale at Honnold/Mudd Library, South Patio

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Join us at the Honnold/Mudd Library for our fall book sale:

9 AM to 10 AM: First hour open to students, faculty, staff, and library card holders of the Claremont Colleges. ID will be requested.

10 AM to 4 PM: Open to all

Hard covers - $1.00; Paperbacks - $ .50; Specially priced books as marked.

The SecondLife Library Grand Opening

SecondLife Residents can now visit several libraries in Linden Labs' popular virtual world. The SecondLife Library is celebrating its Grand Opening Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14 with many in-world events--speakers and tours not least among them. Visit the SecondLife Library, the Science Center, the Life2Life Bookstore, and a medical library on Info Island and Info Island II. There is also a Caledon Branch of the SecondLife Library. You can ask Real Life librarians reference questions, browse virtual books and take a look at a spectacular exhibit on the Declaration of Independence.

SecondLife is a 3D virtual world where residents (also called Avatars) can buy and sell land, create anything imaginable--from books to furniture to buildings to pets to cars--and even fly. Start your journey with a free account at secondlife.com.

[Hint: once you're logged in, click on the Map button and type Info Island in the "Search by Region Name" box. Click either on Info Island or Info Island II and click Teleport to visit that location.]

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor of English and Media Studies, Pomona College

Join us in this upcoming Claremont Discourse, Wednesday, October 11th at 4:15 PM in the Founders Room of the Honnold/Mudd Library:

Blogs have in the last couple of years loomed large in the Western imagination, but the ideas about blogs that have circulated both through the mainstream media and through academia have been extremely limited in scope. In the popular imagination, there is a distinction between "blogs," which are assumed on some level to be doing public work, whether political, technical, academic, or journalistic, and "online diaries," which are primarily personal, if not exactly private. These personal blogs are too often dismissed as the narcissistic rantings of teenage girls and other hysterics, a nonsensical - and, not incidentally, hyper-feminine - form of "oversharing." Such a dismissal, however, overlooks the important work that such personal blogs are doing in the construction of an emergent literary form. In fact, Western literary history can shed some important light on the current state of personal blogging, with the English novel rooted in the domestic practices and personal writing of middle-class eighteenth-century women. New technologies are providing for new forms of self-presentation.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, author of The Anxiety of Obsolescence: The American Novel in the Age of Television (published in summer 2006 by Vanderbilt University Press), will discuss the evolution and unique pleasures of this new literary form, one that merges older traditions of seriality with the newer mode of the database, creating not simply a narrative but rather a first-person narrative archive of the self.

Personalized Reference

The libraries contain an expansive collection of knowledgeable librarians. Did you know that they are eager to meet individually with you to discuss your research and how our resources can help? Refer to this list to contact the subject specialist that pertains most to your field of interest/research. Personalized reference sessions can then be set up to fully discuss the vast array of options, both paper and digital, available to you at the libraries, and how best to use them to tackle your projects.

Librarians standing by now!

You may also chat live with librarians, and phone the services desk, (909) 612-8150, for any and all questions.

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