The SecondLife Library Grand Opening

SecondLife Residents can now visit several libraries in Linden Labs' popular virtual world. The SecondLife Library is celebrating its Grand Opening Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14 with many in-world events--speakers and tours not least among them. Visit the SecondLife Library, the Science Center, the Life2Life Bookstore, and a medical library on Info Island and Info Island II. There is also a Caledon Branch of the SecondLife Library. You can ask Real Life librarians reference questions, browse virtual books and take a look at a spectacular exhibit on the Declaration of Independence.

SecondLife is a 3D virtual world where residents (also called Avatars) can buy and sell land, create anything imaginable--from books to furniture to buildings to pets to cars--and even fly. Start your journey with a free account at

[Hint: once you're logged in, click on the Map button and type Info Island in the "Search by Region Name" box. Click either on Info Island or Info Island II and click Teleport to visit that location.]

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