Game On @Honnold/Mudd

Dec 3 8pm - Dec 15 7pm

Feeling puzzled about how to read a semester's worth of articles in a few days? Looking for chutes and ladders to aid in your escape? Does studying monopolize your time? Is your mind scrabbled by comparing apples to apples or trying to connect four treatises? Worried about report cards? Is your numero uno goal in life to sleep or is it to find chocolate chip cookies, coffee, cider? Do you dream of putting yourself in a checkmate position when you complete the last exam or submit the last paper? Are you ready to turn the tables like they do in backgammon?

Go and check out the games in the Founders Room in Honnold Library. Enjoy a relaxing study break in the library. We'll have a variety of games available. (See if you can find all the games mentioned above in the Founders Room.) Feel free to bring your own.

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