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Asking the Auks About Climate Change in the Arctic

Claremont Discourse presents:

Nina Karnovsky, Assistant Professor of Biology, Pomona College
Thursday, February 1st, 4:15 PM, 2007

Founders Room, Honnold/Mudd Library

The controversy over global warming and climate change is often argued using measurements of ice core samples and ocean levels. What can we learn by "interviewing" living creatures? Every summer millions of seabirds called little auks (also known by the scientific species name, Alle alle) migrate to the High Arctic to raise their chicks. There they feed on tiny crustaceans that are abundant in Arctic waters. Each summer, Professor Nina Karnovsky, Assistant Professor of Biology at Pomona College, follows these birds, taking her students with her. Professor Karnovsky will talk about how she and her students measure the twin benchmarks of feeding and breeding of little auks in a rapidly changing environment.

Claremont Discourse Schedule, Spring 2007

The new Claremont Discourse schedule is up for your perusing. Claremont Discourse lectures, sponsored by the Libraries of The Claremont Colleges, invite Claremont Colleges faculty to expose the community to their study, interests and latest work. Come join us for some thought-provoking fare.

All lectures include discussion and refreshments and are held in the Founders Room of the Honnold/Mudd Library. Complete listing of this schedule with descriptions, as well as past schedules, may be found here.

Asking the auks about climate change in the Arctic
Nina Karnovsky, Assistant Professor of Biology, Pomona College
Thursday, February 1st, 4:15 PM, 2007

The Politics of Race and Black American Intellectuals in the Antebellum Era
Rita Roberts, Associate Professor of History and Black Studies, Scripps College
Wednesday, February 21st, 4:15 PM, 2007

Mothers, daughters, concubines, prostitutes: Women in the Book of Genesis, How Do We Assess Them?
Tammi Schneider, Professor of Religion, CGU
Wednesday, March 7th, 4:15 PM, 2007

From Toon Town Trolleys to Freeways: SoCal Transportation Myths and Reality, Past, Present and Future
Rudi Volti, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Pitzer College
Wednesday, April 6th, 4:15 PM, 2007

Spring Hours

Spring hours have been posted, and will be in effect starting Tuesday, January 16. You can view them here. Also, don't forget that the Libraries will be closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 15.

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Drucker Archives recent additions

Check out one of the latest collections to get posted to the CCDL. The Drucker Archives is a growing collection. So far, correspondence from Peter F. Drucker, world-renowned management visionary, as well as videotaped interviews of business and management leaders talking about Drucker has been digitized and made available. Subscribe to the RSS feed as the collection is continually updated with a variety of new material.

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