BYOG: Games Night at Honnold/Mudd Library

You're invited to escape your busy day and come play games in the library at night. We're hosting an open game night every Wednesday at 7 pm in the Founders Room at Honnold. Of course, feel free to bring your own games.

It's informal, easy, and designed for other people that might be curious about fun games. Coffee and other treats may be served if we're not too busy playing a board game or finishing a puzzle. Come on relax, play, and enjoy games in the library. Enjoy the company and food. *Really*

Gameon might also invite you to play at lunch in the near future. Feel free to let us know what would work best for you and your busy schedule. When do you need a break? Send email to if you want more info.

*Also, Facebook Joe Games at the Libraries, our virtual gaming presence!

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