Mothers, daughters, concubines, prostitutes: Women in the Book of Genesis, How Do We Assess Them?

Claremont Discourse presents:

Tammi Schneider, Professor of Religion, CGU
Wednesday, March 7th, 4:15 PM, 2007
Founders Room, Honnold/Mudd Library

Snacks provided; discussion to follow.

Eve or Lot's wife, Sarah or Hagar, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel - many of the women characters in the book of Genesis are used as archetypes for women until this day. Yet how well do these images, disseminated about these women from everything from the New Testament to modern movies, reflect what the Hebrew Bible portrays? In this talk, Professor Schneider, a scholar of ancient near east language, religion and literature, and author of Sarah: Mother of Nations (published in 2004 by Continuum) will review many of the major female characters from the Book of Genesis using a method she has named "verbing the character" where each character is evaluated based upon their description, places where they appear as the subject of a verb, and where they are the object either of a verb or a prepositional phrase. This method reveals some very different characters from what the average person met in Sunday School.

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