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Take a Trip to the Beach

Beach Boy biographies; mystery, adventure, and romance at the beach; beach guidebooks; recipes for the beach--this summer explore the Libraries for your beach reading.

Who? All full-time staff, faculty, and students of The Claremont Colleges can participate.

What? Check out books or videos for fun. Get a gift. Share what you are reading.

Where? Honnold/Mudd, Denison, Seeley G. Mudd, and Sprague libraries.

When? Through August 24.

Why? It's fun and free.

How? Use your College ID card to check out books and mention you're a part of the summer program to get a gift (while supplies last). Email us reviews of your beach reads and we'll post them on the Libraries' website.

Contact Alex Chappell (alexandra [dot] chappell [at] libraries.claremont.edu ; x70989) with any questions or reviews you'd like to share.

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