New Resource: Market Research


Market Research includes full-text market research reports covering eight major subject areas: business services; consumer goods; demographics; food & beverage; heavy industry; life sciences; public sector; and technology and media.
* Includes market research reports produced under the imprints of Packaged Facts, Kalorama Information, MarketLooks, and Specialists in Business Intelligence.
* Currently including over 650 reports, the full studies average 200 to 400 pages and are embargoed 12 months from commercial release; while MarketLooks are available in the same month of publications and are shorter, more concise overviews of specific niche industries.
* The collection is updated monthly.
Market Research can be accessed from the Databases page of the Libraries website.


Wow this would have been great for some projects last year! I am grateful that we won't have to beg for this sort of data anymore.

Haha, that's great.

Wow, That's a very great news. I love to hear this for a long time.

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