Claremont Discourse: Teaching the Soul of a Music: Jazz and Higher Education, A panel discussion in memory of Ron Teeples

Thurs., Nov. 6 - 4:15 PM - Honnold/Mudd Library Founders Room

Moderator: Mark Masters, Director, American Jazz Institute, Mark Masters Orchestra and Ensemble, CMC faculty

Bobby Bradford, LA Scene cornetist and trumpeter, Ornette Coleman alumnus, Pomona faculty
Bob Keller, musician, teacher of improvisation, HMC faculty
Ntongela Masilela, English and World Literature, Pitzer faculty
Wendy Martin, Transdisciplinary Studies, Vice Provost, CGU

Jazz had its earliest scholars, historians, and musicologists outside the academy -- fans who knew their favorite music not only to be a personal enjoyment and pastime, but a serious art worthy of scholarship. This world wide community of enthusiasts assembled early fanzines, sent out dispatches on performances, and painstakingly wrote the first discographies. And although they might not have fit comfortably in modernist circles or elite notions of European classicism, the early jazz musicians themselves -- Louis Armstrong, Coleman Hawkins, Bix Beiderbecke, Lester Young, and Billie Holiday among them -- knew very well they were creating a new form of art. Acceptance by the academy grew as street popularity waned and complexity and artistic awareness waxed -- sometimes the paradoxical fate of art. What is the proper place and purpose of jazz in higher education? How does one study and hold up an art form and at the same time preserve creativity's protean liveliness? In honor of Ron Teeples, the late CMC economics professor who had a love of the music and an indefatigable dedication to spreading its gospel, we've invited three musicians/music educators and two cultural critics from The Claremont Colleges scene to explain and discuss their approaches to a higher education of jazz.

For more information, please contact Adam Rosenkranz.

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