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Thanksgiving Library Hours

These are the library hours during the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend.

Wed, 11/25, 7:30am-7pm
Thu-Fri, 11/26-27, closed
Sat, 11/28, 9am-10pm
Sun, 11/29, 11am-1am

Wed, 11/25, 9am-3pm
Thu-Sat, 11/26-28, closed
Sun, 11/29, noon-midnight

Records Center
Wed, 11/25, 8am-4:30pm
Thu-Sun, 11/26-29, closed

For complete hours information, see hours on the library web site or call ext. 18047.

You're Invited to the Honnold Cafe "College Days" and Grand Opening

You're invited to join in the activities and festivities celebrating the official opening of the Honnold Cafe, located on the first floor of Honnold/Mudd Library.

Grand Opening Celebration: Monday, Nov. 16, 3-5pm

College Days: Come in and enjoy one free coffee beverage with your ID card on your institution's day.

CGU Day - Nov. 12
CMC Day - Nov. 13
CUC Day - Nov. 16
HMC Day - Nov. 17
KGI Day - Nov. 18
Pitzer Day - Nov. 19
Pomona Day - Nov. 20
Scripps Day - Nov. 23

Catherine L. Reed, Dept. of Psychology and Neuroscience, Claremont McKenna College
Wednesday, November 11th, 4:15pm

Humans are social creatures who depend on human interaction. We need to recognize that objects in the world are human and we need to know what these humans are doing. Relative to most other objects, two humans are a lot alike. Most people have the same body parts that move in the same way. Professor Catherine Reed, a cognitive neuroscientist at CMC's Department of Psychology, argues that these correspondences between our bodies and other people's lead to visual processing efficiencies that allow us to recognize more quickly the postures and actions of others. Further, people who do not develop these processing efficiencies may have social deficits such as those observed in autism.

Light refreshments will be provided.

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