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The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research was founded in 1947 as an archive to preserve data from surveys of public opinion conducted by many leading survey organizations. Most of the surveys in the Roper Center are national samples, but there are also some state and local surveys, as well as a number of surveys of special populations of interest.

Students, faculty, and staff of The Claremont Colleges can access Roper Center data via the library web site. On the Databases page, look for Roper Center in the alphabetical list R.

The Roper Center has recently changed access to some of its resources, now requiring users to register an account. Access to basic search tools is available without registering; however, registering allows you to download data, link to reports, and access more information from Topics at a Glance. Even if you registered in the old system, you will still need to register in the new one to access these features.

To Register:
Look for the link to register at the top of the iPoll and RoperXpress pages. When you register, you will create your own username and password.

Need help using data?
Contact one of the librarians who works with data sources: Sheree Fu or Mary Martin.

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