Claremont Constitution Day Discourse: "Constitutional and/or Unconstitutional War: A Panel Discussion in Memory of Sen. Robert C. Byrd"

Wed., Sept. 15th, 4:15 PM - Honnold/Mudd Library, Founders Room

Janet Farrell Brodie, CGU, History (Moderator); Victor Silverman, Pomona, History; Leo Flynn, Pomona, Politics (Emeritus); Stuart McConnell, Pitzer, History; Joseph M. Bessette, CMC, Government.

On September 17, 1787, the Constitution was approved by the Constitutional Convention and submitted to the people of the States for their deliberation and decision (through specially elected ratifying conventions). That other, earlier document of our country's founding - the Declaration of Independence - has long had its own day on July 4th (even though Congress did not declare Independence Day a paid federal holiday until 1938). Not until the then octogenarian Senator from West Virginia, Robert C. Byrd, tacked on Constitution Day as an amendment to the Omnibus Spending Bill of 2004 that the document that is the basis of the structure of our government and laws was given its own day. This year Honnold/Mudd Library will recognize Constitution Day and pay tribute to the fighting spirit of Senator Byrd (the longest serving member of Congress) with a panel discussion of what the War Powers clause says and how it has been used - or not used-- to precipitate, prevent, or protest US military action.

There will be light refreshments served and free copies of "The Declaration of Independence and Other Great Documents of American History, 1775-1865" (which, of course, includes The Constitution), as supplies last.

FMI: Adam Rosenkranz

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