Claremont Discourse Lecture: "Lessons from L.A. Schools: Some Gleanings from the Toils of the Past That Would Make the Work of the Future Easier if Only Someone Would Listen"

Thurs., Nov. 11, 4:15 PM - Founders Room, 2nd Floor, Honnold/Mudd Library

Charles Taylor Kerchner, Research Professor, School of Educational Studies, CGU

The story of public education in Los Angeles is one of institutional decline and hollowing out mixed with daily heroism and self-sacrifice on the part of teachers and administrators who try to make an old institution do things it was not designed to do. In a lecture based on his books, Learning from L.A.: Institutional Change in American Public Education, and The Transformation of Great American School Districts, Professor Charles Kerchner will chronicle how a school district that was called "the best in the West" came to be publicly regarded as "failing," even though by many criteria it isn't. His lecture will also detail how the politics of Los Angeles just might work to transform public education here and elsewhere.

This lecture is free, open to all, and is followed by discussion and light refreshments.

FMI: Adam Rosenkranz

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