Faculty/Library Review of Subscriptions for Cancellation

Because of budget shortfalls, the Library is in the process of reviewing online journals and databases, print journals, and book series received on standing order, to identify candidates for cancellation. Even though the Library budget is expected to rise 2% next fiscal year, the combination of rising subscription costs and flat or declining budgets over the last two years has created a 23% gap between our ability to spend and the amount those resources now cost, not including $500,000 in faculty requests for new subscriptions that we have been and will continue to be unable to fund.

This February, librarians are in the process of visiting faculty and department meetings to get feedback on the process. In March, resource lists will be made available for faculty review. Final decisions on cancellation will be made by the Academic Deans.

For more information on the process, the issues, and how faculty can be involved, please see this guide: http://libguides.libraries.claremont.edu/budget

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