New in Scholarship@Claremont: Journal of Humanistic Mathematics

The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics (JHM) is a recent collaboration in publishing between the Library and faculty editors Gizem Karaali at Pomona College and Mark Huber at Claremont McKenna College. JHM is a peer-reviewed, online, and open access journal with an editorial board comprised of faculty across The Claremont Colleges, North America, and Europe.

Scholarship@Claremont (S@C) collects, maintains, preserves, records, and provides access to the intellectual capital and output of The Claremont Colleges (TCC), reflects TCC's excellence, and shares that work with others. S@C was established to provide fair and equitable access to information; help create a deeper understanding of the value of higher education in the community; promote increasingly rapid advancements in science, medicine, technology, art, and the humanities; and ensure the survival of intellectual assets for future generations.

FMI: Allegra Gonzalez, Digital Initiatives Librarian

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