Claremont Discourse Lecture: 3D Cooperative Strategies for Underwater Robots

Prof. Rachel Levy, Department of Mathematics, HMC |
Thurs., April 14th, 4:15 | Founders Room, Honnold/Mudd

Under the supervision of Professor Rachel Levy, undergraduate students from the Dynamic Networks for Aquatic Robots (DYNAR) research group at Harvey Mudd have designed and tested algorithms for coordination and control of small remote control submarines. In a large aquarium they have implemented a three-dimensional algorithm for tracking the submarines with web cameras. Results from physical experiments in the tank are compared to simulations of a mathematical model describing the motion of the submarines as they search for a target. Professor Levy will present her work and some real world applications. This work is conducted in collaboration with Allon Percus (CGU) and Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA). It is funded by CGU and the Office of Naval Research.

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