The Tea Party of Intent: How the Tea Party Movement Invokes and Interprets our Founders and Founding Documents. A Claremont Discourse Discussion Panel in Recognition of Constitution Day

Wed., Sept. 14, 4:15pm | Honnold/Mudd Library Founders Room | 2nd floor

Panelists: David Menefee-Libey, Pomona Department of Politics; Andrew Busch, CMC Department of Government; Amanda Hollis-Brusky; Pomona Department of Politics; John J.Pitney, CMC Department of Politics; Matthew Wolfson, Pomona Senior, Major in Politics.

No matter where voters are on the political spectrum, few would disagree that the Tea Party has greatly influenced electoral politics and debate on how our country is governed. In turn, members of this evolving movement cite no influence and authority greater than the Founders and how their intentions are expressed via the vessels of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. To emphasize this influence, House Republican adherents of the Tea Party read the Constitution out loud on the Floor of the Capitol on January 11th of this year. Tea Partiers have also promoted awareness of their views by distributing the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and by promoting Constitution Day. This year, in what has become an annual tradition at Honnold/Mudd Library, Claremont Constitutional Discourse will recognize Constitution Day with a panel, powered by a diverse group of four professors and one student with various scholarly specialties and political points of view, who will come together in the relative political quiet of the Founders Room* to discuss the Tea Party's use of the much debated age-old theme of Founders' intent.

And yes, we will be serving tea, as well as other refreshments. And free copies of the book "The Declaration of Independence and other Great Documents of American History" (which, of course, includes The Constitution) will be available as long as supplies last.

*Named for William L. Honnold, the mining engineer who gave the original money to build Honnold Library.

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