(Love Your) Library Presents: Research Therapy.

It's that time of the term again - finals are coming, and everything else is looming and/or due. If you have last minute research questions or just need a break from studying, the Claremont Colleges Library is offering a cure: Research Therapy, stationary (tomorrow) and mobile (next week).

Stationary: There's a drop-in Research Therapy session for any/all takers tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 29th from 4-6:30 in the Keck Learning Room - project support (and therapeutic snacks) provided. Stop by and get 1-1 help with your... issues... finding and evaluating sources, shoring up lit reviews, and more.

Mobile: Even better, we're offering roving Research Therapy at your campus next week via the large yellow cart you might have noticed before: librarians will be out and about between 12/5 and 12/8 to answer your research questions. You can also return library books, snag a free book, eat a cookie and/or drink a juice box... how could you resist?
Hope to see you then/there. In the meantime, keep calm and study on... FMI, email natalie_tagge@cuc.claremont.edu.

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