Claremont Discourse Lecture: Nanotechnology For More Efficient Fuel Cells

4:15 PM, Wed., Feb. 1 -- Founders Room |
Prof. Adrian Hightower, Dept of Engineering, HMC

Fuel cells and batteries are likely to have a dominant role in the development of a sustainable global energy infrastructure. Batteries and fuel cells convert chemical energy to electrical energy through simultaneous electrochemical reactions at positive and negative electrodes. Electrochemical nanotechnology, which can exploit the properties of materials at the atomic scale, promises to be a leading contributor to the development of efficient fuel cells and batteries by providing materials tailored to particular electrochemical conversion processes. Professor Adrian Hightower, Harvey Mudd College Engineering Department, who has carried over his scientific research in nanotechnology to sustainability projects and sustainability education in California and West Africa, will discuss both the science and potential real world applications of nanoelectrochemistry for sustainability and renewable energy.

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