Claremont Discourse Panel on Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Manga

| Thurs., Mar. 1, 4:30PM | Founders Room |

Panelists: Jonathan Lethem, Pomona, Dept. of English; Rachel Levy (HMC, Dept. of Mathematics); Lynne Miyake (Pomona, Asian Languages and Literatures)

Moderator: Sean Stone (Science and Asian Studies Librarian, Claremont Colleges Library)

Comic Books, Graphic Novels and Manga for Fun, Respect and (If You Must) Higher Education Curriculum: A Panel Discussion of Visual Storytelling at and around the University

Comics, like art, are extremely difficult to define and yet, like obscenity, everyone has their own internal definition that they instantly recognize. For better or worse, graphic novels have come of age and have been legitimized not only by the general public but also by academia and have become standard college curriculum in a variety of courses. This panel will discuss comics and their place in the university, with an eye to what attracts us to graphic storytelling in the first place, even after we've stopped reading the picture books of childhood - and exactly what that would be? That will be the over-arching theme of our panel which includes an actual comic book writer (novelist Jonathan Lethem); an Asian Studies scholar who teaches and does research in manga (Lynne Miyake); a professor of Mathematics who has used graphic novels to teach first-year students (Rachel Levy); and a Science and Asian Studies Librarian (Sean Stone) who has taught comics history and theory and is a comic book polymath. So please join us for this event, which might be mostly an excuse to have fun discussing a fun topic and imbibe a nostalgia for the past, present and future of comic book (graphic novels, manga, etc, etc...) art and history.


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