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The Library Will Be Closed Friday, Mar. 30, for Cesar Chavez Day

We'll be open regular hours Sat. and Sun.

ProQuest Databases Are Working Again

Please let us know if you encounter any access problems.

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012, 4:15 PM | Founders Room |
Niklas Frykman, History, CMC |

The revolutionary 1790s were the Atlantic's great age of mutiny. Naval seamen by the tens of thousands turned their guns on the quarterdeck, raised the red flag of mutiny, formed committees, elected delegates, and overthrew the absolute rule of captains. The mutinous Atlantic was a revolutionary movement of considerable force and sophistication, but the dominance of terra-centric, nation-focused histories of the revolutionary era have rendered it all but invisible. In this lecture, Professor Frykman will recover the history of mutiny in the British, French, and Dutch navies, and argue that together they became a genuinely Atlantic revolution in this so-called age of Atlantic revolutions.

Announcing the RE:BOOK 2012 Contest

Most of us have old paperbacks, printouts, magazines, textbooks, or notebooks lying around that are falling apart or have generally seen better days. Instead of recycling, how about a little creative repurposing that could net you (modest) fame and (a small amount of) fortune?

In honor of National Library Week, April 8-14, the Claremont Colleges Library is now accepting entries for RE:BOOK, our first annual repurposed paper art contest. You can be as innovative as you like with your submission, but *please note that you absolutely should not repurpose Library or otherwise viable books!* The idea of this contest is to give worn or cast-off pages new life.


Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to enter, but only students will be considered for the grand prize of a $250 Amazon gift certificate for the best submission. If you need material, try looking through our free item donation carts near the North entrance of the Library. Or a recycling bin.

Throw your hat in the ring online. RE:BOOKs must be submitted to the Library's Services Desk by 5 pm on Friday April 13. We'll have a RE:BOOK celebration, display, and prize giveaway on Tuesday April 17th at 3:30 in the Honnold/Mudd Founders Room.

FMI contact Kate Crocker at

E-journal list and "Get this Item" Unavailable 3/24 5-6PM

Due to extenuating circumstances, Serials Solutions services will be unavailable Saturday, March 24, 2012, from 5-6PM in order to implement an emergency upgrade.

This means that both the E-journal list and "Get this Item" in databases will NOT work during this hour.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

New 5Cs Journal - Submit Your Work!

Are you a Claremont Colleges undergrad? If so, you are invited to submit academic writing that you have produced while a student at The Claremont Colleges for publication in a new online journal in scholarship@Claremont, which will feature outstanding undergraduate academic works from the 5Cs. The first issue of this journal will be published in Spring or Fall of 2012.

Submissions should be received by Friday, March 23, 2012.

This new journal seeks to publish outstanding academic writing from across the disciplines. What is academic writing? It's the kind of writing you generally do for classes--for example, research papers, project reports, historical analyses, psychological studies, political arguments, close readings or explications of another piece of writing.

All submissions will have identifying information removed and will then be reviewed by a Board of Reviewers and an Editorial Board, both comprised of students, faculty, and librarians from across The Claremont Colleges.

To submit your academic writing to this new journal:

Email two copies to Gale Burrow (
Copy 1: pdf format
Copy 2: MS Word format from which you have removed any information that would identify you (name, college, etc.). You can simply replace that information with a string of xxxxx. (This is the copy that will be reviewed, and reviewers should not know whose work they are reading.)

With your submission, please provide the following information as a separate document:
--Graduation Year:
--Preferred email address:

Optional but strongly encouraged
--If the work was done for a course, the name of the course, semester and year you took the course, and name of the professor.
--Statement from a professor commenting on the quality of the writing and on the contribution of the work to the discipline. (This may be submitted later and will be very strongly encouraged for all submissions that are selected for publication.)

Submissions should be received by Friday, March 23, 2012.

Note for seniors: Senior theses will not be published in this new journal. Instead seniors are encouraged to ask their faculty advisers to submit their theses to the Theses & Dissertations collection in scholarship@Claremont. If you are a student at CMC or in the 5Cs Environmental Analysis major, you may submit your thesis yourself. Otherwise you may ask your advisor/reader to submit your thesis for you. For more information, contact Allegra Gonzalez, Digital Initiatives Librarian (

March (Love Your) Library Workshops...

Assignments are gearing up, and chances are you need to manage a long list of works cited and/or investigate a research topic. Why not learn from the pros?

View our (Love Your) Library Workshops schedule for March or the full semester to check out our offerings (now including GIS!) and register for a class. You can also sign up by clicking on title links below:

Questions, to suggest a workshop topic, or FMI: Email Instruction Services Manager/E-Learning Librarian Char Booth.

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