New 5Cs Journal - Submit Your Work!

Are you a Claremont Colleges undergrad? If so, you are invited to submit academic writing that you have produced while a student at The Claremont Colleges for publication in a new online journal in scholarship@Claremont, which will feature outstanding undergraduate academic works from the 5Cs. The first issue of this journal will be published in Spring or Fall of 2012.

Submissions should be received by Friday, March 23, 2012.

This new journal seeks to publish outstanding academic writing from across the disciplines. What is academic writing? It's the kind of writing you generally do for classes--for example, research papers, project reports, historical analyses, psychological studies, political arguments, close readings or explications of another piece of writing.

All submissions will have identifying information removed and will then be reviewed by a Board of Reviewers and an Editorial Board, both comprised of students, faculty, and librarians from across The Claremont Colleges.

To submit your academic writing to this new journal:

Email two copies to Gale Burrow (
Copy 1: pdf format
Copy 2: MS Word format from which you have removed any information that would identify you (name, college, etc.). You can simply replace that information with a string of xxxxx. (This is the copy that will be reviewed, and reviewers should not know whose work they are reading.)

With your submission, please provide the following information as a separate document:
--Graduation Year:
--Preferred email address:

Optional but strongly encouraged
--If the work was done for a course, the name of the course, semester and year you took the course, and name of the professor.
--Statement from a professor commenting on the quality of the writing and on the contribution of the work to the discipline. (This may be submitted later and will be very strongly encouraged for all submissions that are selected for publication.)

Submissions should be received by Friday, March 23, 2012.

Note for seniors: Senior theses will not be published in this new journal. Instead seniors are encouraged to ask their faculty advisers to submit their theses to the Theses & Dissertations collection in scholarship@Claremont. If you are a student at CMC or in the 5Cs Environmental Analysis major, you may submit your thesis yourself. Otherwise you may ask your advisor/reader to submit your thesis for you. For more information, contact Allegra Gonzalez, Digital Initiatives Librarian (

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