FIVE - 5Cs Journal: Submit Your Writing!

Are you a Claremont Colleges undergrad? If so, you are invited to submit academic writing that you have produced while a student at The Claremont Colleges for publication in the second issue of FIVE, an online journal in scholarship@Claremont, which will feature outstanding undergraduate academic works from the 5Cs. The second issue of this journal will be published at the end of Fall semester, 2012.

Submissions must be received by Monday, October 8.

This new journal seeks to publish outstanding academic writing from across the disciplines. What is academic writing? It's the kind of writing you generally do for classes--for example, research papers, project reports, historical analyses, psychological studies, political arguments, close readings or explications of another piece of writing.

All submissions will have identifying information removed and will then be reviewed by a Board of Reviewers and an Editorial Board, both comprised of students, faculty, and librarians from across The Claremont Colleges.

How do you submit your writing? Go to Five Submission Guidelines.

Have questions? Contact the Coordinator of your campus Writing Center or email FIVE Staff.

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