Claremont Discourse Lecture: "Public Lands/Public Debates: A Century of Controversy"

Prof. Char Miller, Environmental Analysis, Pomona | Wed, Oct. 31, 4:15 PM in the Founders Room

The U. S. manages a vast system of national forests, grasslands, parks, and refuges, landscapes that contain some of the most beautiful and resource-rich terrain in the country. These protected lands, and the controversies they have sparked since their creation beginning in the late nineteenth century, are the subject of Char Miller's new book, Public Lands/Public Debates, (Oregon State University Press, 2012). In this lecture, Professor Miller will focus on the external attacks on and the internal debates over the Forest Service's handling of the 193 million acres it stewards. Tracking these arguments is critical to understanding the tensions that ripple through a democratic society, Miller writes: "Watching democracy at work can be bewildering, even frustrating, but the only way individuals and organizations can sift through the often messy business of public deliberation is to deliberate..."

Presented in conjunction with the exhibit "Touring Yosemite," now at Honnold/Mudd through Dec. 22nd.


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