Claremont Discourse Lecture: "Preparing the Next Generation of Scientists"

October-2013-CUC.jpgTues., October 29th, 4:15 PM,
Honnold/Mudd Library Founders Room

Preparing the Next Generation of Scientists: A Discussion of Techniques to Broaden Participation in Mathematics

Panelists: Deanna Needell (CMC); Blerta Shtylla (Pomona); Mohamed Omar (HMC); Dagan Karp (HMC); Chris Towse (Scripps); Dave Bachman (Pitzer). Facilitated by Talithia Williams (HMC)

In order for the United States to maintain a competitive edge in science, mathematics, and engineering, we must encourage and train the next generation of scientists. Even though they are the fastest growing segment of the population, minorities remain underrepresented in the mathematical sciences. If our national priority is to grow a strong and talented science and technology workforce, then we must cultivate talent in underrepresented populations. During this discussion, the panelists -- all faculty at the Claremont Colleges -- will share techniques that have been effective in reaching minority populations and discuss ways that the 5 undergraduate colleges can seek to broaden participation in mathematics.

Learn more about our Panelists:

Talithia Williams
Title: Assistant Professor, Harvey Mudd College
• Serves on the Board of Directors for SACNAS, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing Hispanics, Chicanos and Native Americans in Science;
• Serves on the Board of Governors of the Mathematical Association of America as a Governor for Minority Interests;
• Co-organizes and hosts Sacred SISTAHS math and science conference focused on empowering young African American girls by introducing them to successful academic and professional role models.

David Bachman
Title: Associate Professor of Mathematics
• As a graduate student David led an "Emerging Scholars Workshop," a program designed by Dr. Uri Triesmann to help well-qualified students from underrepresented groups succeed in Calculus.
• Professor Bachman subsequently designed a special precalculus through Calculus III sequence at Pitzer based on the earlier work with Dr. Triesmann's program.
• For 2 years he ran the Claremont Center for Mathematical Sciences' "Gateway to Exploring the Mathematical Sciences" (GEMS) program, an outreach program for middle school students from areas with low socio-economic status.

Dagan Karp
Title: Assistant Professor of Mathematics.
• Faculty Sponsor of the Claremont SACNAS Chapter and corresponding student organization;
• 2010 Organizer of SUMS, the Seminar on Underrepresentation and the Mathematical Sciences;
• Co-organizer of the 2011 HMC Mathematics Conference on Broadening Participation in the Mathematical Sciences
• Member of the Human Resources Advisory Committee for the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. HRAC oversees MSRI's efforts to broaden participation in mathematics;
• Co-founded and co-edit, the blog, e-Mentoring Network in the Mathematical Sciences. about mentorship and broadening participation in mathematics. It has an active Facebook group where US mathematicians of all ranks from students to senior professors connect and share tips and perspectives.
• Finally, near and dear to our hearts, Professor Karp is a co-Founding Editor of the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics

Deanna Needell
Title: Assistant Professor in the Mathematical Sciences department at Claremont McKenna College.
• Professor Needell is an Academic Mentor with Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS);
• Mentor with the Vertical Integration of Research and Education program at Stanford;
• Professor Needell has been the recipient of awards including the Simons Foundation Collaboration grant, 2012 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award, and ScienceWatch Fast-Breaking paper award.

Mohamed Omar
Title: Assistant Professor
• Recently joined the Claremont Colleges from Caltech
• Instructor at the "Summer Program in Mathematical Problem Solving" program that takes gifted rising 8th graders from low-income homes in the Bronx and gives them a free 3-week intensive mathematical experience in Upstate New York
• Academic Coordinator and Graduate Student Mentor for the Canada/USA Mathcamp; guiding mentors to set the program's tone.

Blerta Shtyella
Title: Assistant Professor of Mathematics
• Professor Shtyella came to Pomona from Mt Holyoke College;
• Her research interests include mathematical and computational biology
• She is a Project NeXt Fellow;
• I'd like to hear much more about her role as Mathematics Library Liaison at Mt Holyoke;

Chris Towse

Title: Associate Professor of Mathematics
• Awarded an NSF grant to run the Claremont Colleges Mathematics Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Site 2009-11
• Three time recipient of the Mary Johnson Faculty Achievement Award for Teaching
• Served as a Program Chair for the Southern California-Nevada section of the Mathematics Association of America

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