Google Glass @ the CCL

daniglass.pngStarting this Spring, the Library will be exploring the teaching, learning, and research potential of Google Glass.

How did the Library get Glass? Late in 2013 a CCL Librarian was invited to become one of approximately 40,000 worldwide Glass "Explorers". By acquiring a pair of Glass, the Library hopes to invite the 7Cs to investigate its academic and pedagogical applications, as well as consider the technological and social implications of wearable technology.

Curious about Glass? Sign up for a hands-on workshop via the (Love Your) Library Workshops calendar.

Want to borrow Glass? Members of the 7C community are invited to submit proposals for short-term use of Glass in teaching, learning, and research. If you'd like to propose an idea for using Google Glass, let us know at

FMI: Dani Brecher and/or Char Booth.

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