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Congratulations, Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners!

At the Library Undergraduate Research Award Ceremony on Thursday afternoon, May 8, faculty and students joined the Library in celebrating Claremont Colleges undergraduate award winners and those who received Honorable Mention. The student winners and their faculty sponsors spoke eloquently and passionately about the research journey and the many important contributions the library has made to their research, teaching, and learning.

Award Winners

Senior Winner: Gabriella Heller, Pomona College
Senior Thesis: "Topological Complexity in Protein Structures"
Faculty Sponsor: Erica Flapan, Pomona College, Mathematics

Junior Winner: Braden Bernards, Pitzer College
Research Paper: "Squeaky Gears: Bicycling, Dissent, and Political Innovations"
Faculty Sponsor: Paul Steinberg, Harvey Mudd College, Political Science and Environmental Policy

Sophomore Winner: Simone Prince-Eichner, Pomona College
Research Paper: "Mirrors of Heresy and Visions of Holiness: Using the Works of Marguerite Porete and Angela of Foligno to Examine Heresy and Holiness in Medieval Mysticism"
Faculty Sponsor: Kenneth Wolf, Pomona College, History & Classics

First-Year Winner: Olivia Zalesin, Pomona College
Research Paper: "The Jewish Influence on Tango"
Faculty Sponsor: Anthony Shay, Pomona College, Theatre & Dance

Honorable Mention

Senior Honorable Mention: Ann Kirkpatrick, Scripps College
Senior Thesis: "'Playthings of a Historical Process': Prostitution in Spanish Society from the Restoration to the Civil War (1874-1939)"
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer wood, Scripps College, Hispanic Studies

Junior Honorable Mention: Katherine Valentine, Pomona College
Research Paper: "Transitions, Friendships, and Activities: Community Life After Sixty-Five"
Faculty Sponsor: Hung Cam Thai, Pomona College, Sociology & Asian American Studies

Sophomore Honorable Mention: Vinay Srinivasan, Pomona College
Research Paper: "The Separation of Humans and Nature as it Relates to Environmental Degradation"
Faculty Sponsor: Zayn Kassam, Pomona College, Religious Studies

First-Year Honorable Mention: Elise Berendt, Scripps College
Research Paper: "Gender-Neutral Pronouns: Inclusive, Subversive, Progressive"
Faculty Sponsor: Genevieve Kaplan, Scripps College, Writing

We captured the event on video and also took photographs of all the winners and their faculty sponsors. Later this month the photos and video, as well as the Reflective Essays and research papers will be posted in Scholarship@Claremont.

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