2014 Senior Theses Now Available Online

What does undergraduate research look like on your campus?

The two campuses that require deposit in Scholarship@Claremont (the Claremont Colleges faculty and student repository and publishing platform) have added the theses of their most recent graduating class to their collections.

CMC added 173 senior theses this spring, bringing their total to almost 1000. Scripps College added 163 for a total of over 500 theses. Scripps includes some interesting multimedia capstone projects from the media studies department.

The intercollegiate Environmental Analysis Program collects theses from across the colleges and has over 100 hugely popular theses available to researchers, policy makers and people around the world who are interested in the environment.

HMC has 52 (mostly math) theses available. Pitzer has 59 and Pomona has 116 theses available, predominantly in environmental analysis.

Faculty and students are using theses as a pedagogical tool. Researchers and scholars are interested in what our students and faculty are studying. Connections, jobs and kudos are being offered.

Want to learn more? See Scholarship@Claremont and the Claremont Colleges Theses & Dissertations Guide | Contact Allegra_swift@cuc.claremont.edu

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