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Navigating Culture: Islam and Encounter in the Indian Ocean World


Navigating Culture: Islam and Encounter in the Indian Ocean World is an exhibit of Claremont Colleges Library Special Collections materials reflecting the movement of people, culture, and ideas between the continents of Africa and Asia, through the Indian Ocean, and spanning the 7th - 19th centuries. Curated by Anisha Bhat (Pomona College '15), Anna Kramer (Pomona College '16), and Special Collections staff, Ayat Agah and Gale Burrow.
On display October 22- December 19 | Special Collections Gallery


Memoires - Comte de Noe.jpgFrom Inner Asia to the Indian Ocean:
A Festival Migrates

Nile Green, Director of the Program on Central Asia, UCLA
October 23, 4:00PM
Founders Room, Honnold/Mudd Library

Gardens of Eternity:
Visions of Paradise in Islamic Art

Linda Komaroff, LA County Museum of Art
November 6, 4:15PM
Hahn Building 101, Pomona College

Navigating Histories: Student Research
on the Indian Ocean World

Special Collections invites you to an evening of discussion on research related to the culture and history of the Indian Ocean World, as engaged by Pomona College students, Clare Anderson, Anisha Bhat, Anna Kramer, Aaran Patel, and Niya Shenoy; featuring faculty discussant, Dr. Arash Khazeni, Assistant Professor of History at Pomona College. Refreshments will be provided.
December 2, 4:15PM
Founders Room, Honnold/Mudd Library

Privacy and Ebook Access through Adobe Digital Editions

It has recently come to our attention that the software used to download some of the library's ebooks, Adobe Digital Editions, has been logging data on the books used with this application, and any other ebooks that have already been downloaded on the same device (mobile device or computer). This information is being uploaded in plain text to Adobe servers, and is being sent without any encryption, meaning that book logging data is potentially open to interception. This privacy breach seems to be limited to Digital Editions 4, the most recent version of the software. As far as we know, Digital Editions 2 and 3 are unaffected.

The Claremont Colleges Library provides access to hundreds of thousands of ebooks; all can be read online, however, due to DRM (digital rights management) restrictions, some require Adobe Digital Editions in order to be downloaded for offline reading.

If you are concerned that your right to privacy has been violated, we recommend that you uninstall Adobe Digital Editions version 4 from all of your devices immediately. You can still read ebook content online, or use previous versions of the software for downloading DRM protected ebooks.

Censoring Shakespeare

Bowdler3-thumbnail.jpgOne nineteenth century physician's name has become synonymous with censorship. Learn more on the Special Collections blog, Pictures & Conversations.

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