Life After the Great Separation: Documenting California as an Island

Students in Harvey Mudd College's Contemporary Topics in Art, Science, and Technology invite you to view their exhibit, "Life after the Great Separation: California as an Island," on display from October 1-29 at the North Gallery of Honnold/Mudd Library. The exhibit was inspired by the concurrent library exhibit, "Mapping the Pacific: California as an Island, 1600-1800," curated by Western Americana Librarian Lisa Crane, which includes historic maps depicting California as an island.

Students in the class produced maps and artifacts from the island some time in the future, following a natural disaster that separated California from the mainland. Their experimental cartography and speculative anthropology document the food, language, infrastructure, and geography of the new California Republic in the Pacific.

MS 179B: Art, Science, and Technology/Special Topics in Media Studies is taught by Harvey Mudd Professor Rachel Mayeri.

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