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The Claremont Colleges Library Joins the Greater Western Library Alliance

The Claremont Colleges Library has been granted membership into the
Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA), a consortium of 36 research libraries located in the central and western United States.

GWLA is a dynamic, project-oriented consortium, nationally recognized as a leader in the
transformation of scholarly communication, and a facilitator in the application of new information technologies in libraries serving higher education.

"We're excited to be joining the GWLA network of academic libraries," said Kevin Mulroy, the A.J. McFadden Dean of the Claremont Colleges Library. "Membership in the consortium will bring immediate and substantial benefits to our faculty, students, and staff through increased access to information resources."

GWLA membership benefits include:

  • Cost savings brought about through cooperative negotiation of discounts and licensing terms and conditions.

  • Interlibrary loan (ILL) reciprocity between GWLA members.

  • News and discussions via listservs, webinars, virtual workspaces, and newsletters.

  • Participation and membership in an array of standing committees and task forces dedicated to specific projects or areas of focus, including content development, resource sharing/document delivery, cooperative collection management, student learning outcomes, and digital collections.

  • A united voice to promote and advocate for scholarly communication, national print and digital preservation initiatives, and continuous improvement of ILL and document delivery.

During the membership assessment, a three-person GWLA team visited the Claremont Colleges Library for an on-site evaluation that is similar to a college accreditation visit. The team members were impressed by the library's collection size and scope, public services, new strategic initiatives, and potential contributions to the alliance.
David Carlson, GWLA Board Chair and Dean of University Libraries at Texas A&M University noted, "As the Claremont Colleges Library was considered for membership in GWLA, it became clear that the institution would bring unique perspectives to the consortium, in their emphasis on liberal arts education, and a distributed approach to organizational structure. These qualities are matched by a library with a distinguished collection of resources and a professional staff with a national reputation for quality service and leadership on issues related to librarianship and scholarly communication."

For more information: Press Release

Shakespeare in International Films

Global Shakespeare, a lecture by Arthur Horowitz (Theatre and Dance, Pomona College)
Thursday, March 31, 4:15-5:30pm, Honnold/Mudd Library Founders Room

Please join us as Professor Horowitz discusses representations and reinterpretations of Shakespeare's plays in international films. This lecture is an event in The Claremont Colleges' Spring 2016 celebration of 400 years of Shakespeare's legacy.

Many of the films he will discuss are available from Honnold/Mudd Library.

Available on DVD from Honnold/Mudd Library

  • Shakespeare Wallah (India, 1965)-- AV 5236

  • King Lear (USSR, 1970)-- AV 3747

  • Maqbool (Macbeth, India, 2010)-- AV 5607

  • Omkara (Othello, India, 2006)-- AV 4578

  • Haider (Hamlet, India, 2014)--AV 5944

  • Ye Yan: The Banquet (Hamlet, China, 2006)-- AV 5945
    (U.S. title: Legend of the Black Scorpion; Also available from Pacific Basin Institute, Pomona College: PB AV Ch 0431)

Available online though the Library's Kanopy subscription (Search by film title.)

  • The Bad Sleep Well (Hamlet, Japan, 1960)

  • Caesar Must Die (Julius Caesar, Italy, 2012)

New Video Tutorials Available on How to Use Library Search

The library has uploaded a series of video tutorials on how to use the new Library Search to our Library Search FAQ page. These videos, created by one of the library's student workers, Meredith Simpson, demonstrate how to conduct a basic search (searching for a known title), how to conduct an advanced search, how to access the library's databases, and how to access Resource Sharing.

We hope you find these new videos useful.

Claremont Discourse: Why Black Lives Matter in Shakespeare

Ambereen Dadabhoy, Visiting Professor of Literature, Harvey Mudd College
Wednesday, March 9th, 4:15PM - Founders Room, Honnold/Mudd Library

Why has the work of William Shakespeare endured over 400 years? What is so special about his genius that sets him apart from not just his contemporaries but also his literary and theatrical descendants? Some would say that it is Shakespeare's ability to hauntingly capture the essence of humanity. To buy into this construction of Shakespeare and his work is simultaneously romantic and problematic because in general the human essence that is being presented to us is white, male, and European. What are we then to make of Shakespeare's black subjects, like Othello? This has been a problem in the critical study of race in Shakespeare because it is tied to historical frameworks that inform the construction of race. The unwillingness to explore race through anachronism, to use a modern optics in order to expose the foundations of racial thinking in Shakespeare, can be a way to erase the black presence that we find in his work. Indeed, one reason why black lives matter in Shakespeare is that Othello circulates in our cultural imaginary as a pre-text undergirding black masculinity and desire. Professor Dadabhoy will discuss how the political, cultural, and social meanings and constructions of blackness (and race) are central to Othello and to her work, which claims that black lives matter in Shakespeare because they are present, have meaning, and expose the limits of the Anglo-American cultural and political body.

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