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New in Special Collections - The Noblest Roman

Roman1.jpgIn Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony names Brutus the "noblest Roman of them all." New in Special Collections, The Noblest Roman: A History of the Centaur Types of Bruce Rogers (Z232 R67 K45 2016) offers another candidate for that title.

For more information, visit Pictures & Conversations, the Special Collections Blog.

Volvelles - Movable Circles in Books

Do you like books with movable parts, like pop-up books? Volvelles are one of the oldest forms of movable parts in books. Visit Pictures & Conversations, the Special Collections blog, to learn more and see images from some of the books with volvelles in Special Collections.

Meet Our First Artist in Residence

LAIR-logo.jpgThe Claremont Colleges Library is pleased to welcome its first Library Artist in Residence (LAIR), Steve Rowell. During his residency, Rowell will create new artwork that addresses/engages with the Library building, spaces, collections, history, and/or people. This artwork will be displayed in the Library at the end of the residency in a short-term exhibition, for which there will be a public reception on Thursday, April 23, from 5-7 pm. In addition, he will collaborate with Pitzer Prof. Tarrah Krajnak's Art 110 Intermediate Photography classes and will hold open studio hours Mondays and Thursdays 2-5 PM each week through April 30 (except March 23 and 26). The LAIR studio is on Mudd 3rd floor, next to Keck 2.

Steve Rowell.jpgSteve Rowell is a research-based artist who works with still and moving images, sound, installation, maps, and spatial concepts. Currently based in Los Angeles, he has lived in Berlin, Chicago, and Washington DC, over the past 20 years. His transdisciplinary practice focuses on overlapping aspects of technology, perception, and culture as related to ontology and landscape. Rowell contextualizes the built environment with the surrounding medium of nature; appropriating the methods and tools of the geographer, archeologist, and seer.

For his LAIR project, he will be visiting the Bernard Field Station and in the Library is working with the Water Resources Collection in Special Collections, the California Water Documents collection in the Claremont Colleges Digital Library, as well as with various maps and atlases in the Library's general collection.

The inaugural LAIR program is funded by a generous grant from the Pitzer College Campus Life Committee's Strategic Initiatives Fund.

4 New Online Primary Source Databases for US History

Adams Papers Digital Edition
John Adams's complete diaries, selected legal papers, and the ongoing series of family correspondence and state papers.

Papers of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Harriott Pinckney Horry
Letters, diaries, and other documents of Eliza Lucas Pinckney (1722-1793) and her daughter Harriott Pinckney Horry (1748-1830) document the lives of two observant and articulate founding-era women who were members of one of South Carolina's leading families.

Papers of Alexander Hamilton Digital Edition
The first nine volumes of Syrett's letterpress edition. These documents and calendared entries, some five thousand in number, represent approximately 40 percent of all documents and calendared entries in the edition.
At its completion, PAHDE will provide online access to all known existing documents by and to Hamilton, including all editorial annotation provided by the original editors, as well as enhancements specific to the digital edition.

Papers of Thomas Jefferson Digital Edition
All thirty-six volumes of Jefferson's writings and the first seven volumes of the Retirement Series.

All can be found on the Library's databases page.

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